In the movies:

On Synthetic Biology- Urban U CUNYTV (May 2020) (Youtube)

Science Forward (undergraduate science seminar series)- "The Challenge of Food" (2014)
The new science building-Fall 2012- Elli Wurtzel  (Youtube)
                                                          -Jesús Beltrán (Youtube)
Inside Lehman X, Spring 2009- Cornfield in the Bronx (Youtube)

In the news:
CUNY Research Newsletter, Winter 2017, "A vision for the future of plant science research" (volume 13/2016-2017), p.2
Lehman Today: "Published Work of Lehman Professors Among Most Frequently Cited by Colleagues" (12/4/2015)
CUNY Newswire: "Eleanore Wurtzel Identifies Enzyme to Potentially End Vitamin A Deficiency " (6/16/15)
Lehman Today: "Researchers at Lehman College discover missing link needed for solving global vitamin A deficiency" (6/16/15)
Lehman Today: "Professor Elected to Board of Trustees of Prestigious Gordon Research Conferences" (6/11/15)
MMA Newsletter, Fall 2012, "Good Science for the Public Good", p.1
CUNY Research Newsletter, Fall 2012, "Helping Plants Withstand Global Warming" p.2
Salute to Scholars, Winter 2013, "When the Growing Gets Tough, the Tough Get Growing" , p.5
Lehman Today: A New Season of Science at Lehman: Providing Food with More Nutrition (9/11/12)
Lehman Today: "Lehman Professor Discovers New Effect of Plant Protein That Could Make Crops More Resistant to Climate Change (6/12/12)
CUNY Newswire: "Lehman Professor Discovers New Effect of Plant Protein That Could Make Crops More Resistant to Climate Change (6/12/12)
Lehman Today: ASPB fellow award (5/15/2012)
ASPB-Fellow of ASPB award 2012 "granted in recognition of distinguished and long-term contributions to plant biology and service to the Society" (4/25/2012)
Lehman College podcast June 2009- Dr. Abby Cuttriss, postdoc in Wurtzel lab, wins prestigious fellowship from New Zealand Government
NIGMS- Findings Magazine, Sept 2008-"Corn Gets an A": see p. 13   or:
ASPB-Newsletter (July/Aug 2008)-ASPB member Wurtzel contributes to research with global health significance: see page 36
NIH- Biomedical Beat  "Tracking Maize DNA May Aid Nutrition" (2/20/2008)
NIH-  Scientists Develop Tools to Breed Maize Rich in Provitamin A (1/24/2008)
NPR - New Yellow Corn Could Boost Vitamin A, Save Sight (1/20/08)
Reuters- Scientists find way to increase corn's vitamin A (1/17/08)
NSF- Feeding the World: New Method for Producing High-Vitamin Corn Could Improve Nutrition in Developing Countries (1/17/08)
AAAS-This Week in Science: Highlights of Research in This Issue- "Vitamin A in Corn" (1/18/08)
Lehman College- Professor Eleanore T. Wurtzel Contributes to Research with Global Health Significance (1/18/2008)
CUNY Newswire- Lehman Professor Contributes to Research with Global Health Significance (1/17/08)
CUNY- Look who's teaching in CUNY (11/2007) 
Lehman College- Prof. Wurtzel Featured in CUNY Ad Campaign (11/7/07)
ASPB- Gordon Research Conference Award Winners Sponsored by ASPB- graduate student  Ratnakar Vallabhaneni (Fall 2007)
CUNY Newswire- Lehman Biology Professor Elected as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (11/28/07)
Lehman- Dr. Wurtzel Elected as AAAS Fellow (11/27/06)
AAAS- AAAS Members Elected as Fellows  (11/24/06)
CUNYTV- Study With the Best: Season Three (1/30/2003)
CUNY MATTERS- CUNY Biologists Cultivate New Medicines, Better Nutrition, and a Safer Environment (Summer 2002)